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The Show Trip Review

About six months later, here’s a full review of some of the data and highlights of the trip.  I plan to post another FAQ post and maybe a “Tips and Suggestions” post as well, so […]

Pitchers and Catchers Report in 13 Days

I started this post around September 8th or so… that’s how busy the fall and now winter have been.  As we approach Spring, I’m a bit re-energized and have had enough time to reflect on […]

Olympic National Park

The 10,000 Mile Mark

July 26 was the halfway point of the trip.  Half way through as far as days go as well as the day of the 15th game.  I had intended to write up a “State of […]

Off days and the Pacific Northwest

Pardon the short post. Today was the Mariners at SafeCo Field.  A game post will be coming, but maybe not for a few days depending on service – I’m off to Olympic National Park for […]